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Bob Frith founded Horse + Bamboo Theatre in 1978. He now manages the Dave Pearson Studio and is active in support of Apna Rossendale.

Horse tales

I normally stayed at arms length from the horse-drawn side of things. It felt right to give the horse-handlers unconditional authority over travel arrangements. I did on occasion help out, and I knew what to do in an emergency. Otherwise...

/ June 6, 2021

Memories III – horse-handlers

Horse-drawn touring would not have worked without having experienced horse-handlers. For over 20 years this was a vital role at Horse + Bamboo. As well as managing the horses and tours they would also play a big part in giving...

/ June 1, 2021

Memories II – travelling

We walked roughly 400 miles each of those summers during the 1980s and 90s. This with two horse-drawn carts and a wagon, averaging something like 12 miles per day. 12 miles was the ideal distance between venues, and so we...

/ May 25, 2021

Memories I – setting off

The most vivid memories for me are around those moments of setting off on the days travel. This remains in the memory because much the same thing happened on alternate mornings, summer after summer, those 20 years between 1979 and...

/ May 19, 2021