Over 40 years at Horse + Bamboo I worked alongside a large number of talented artists. In this site I’ve tried to list performers, musicians and others in the individual posts for touring shows but I will have inadvertently forgotten one or two. In a few cases I can’t for the life of me even remember a surname. Sorry! If anyone can help me to correct these oversights then please contact me and let me know. My apologies also to those many, many artists who made significant contributions to the work and life of the company but didn’t tour and so aren’t acknowledged. I decided not to try to list everyone who was part of a Guided Imagery event, a street-show or a community project. Again, my apologies…

Here’s a list of artists currently working that I know about, and where they have a website:

Sue Auty and Edward Taylor
The Whalley Range Allstars

Andrew and Kathy Kim (Kathy Bradley)
Thingumajig Theatre

Ursula Burns
Dangerous Harpist

Alison Duddle (with Mark Whitaker)
A Bird in the Hand Theatre

Anne Barber and Brad Harley
Shadowland Theatre, Toronto

Loz Kaye
More Music (Morecambe)

Chris Davies
Creative Musician

Laura Barnes
Mosaic, ceramics

Nabil Musa
Iraq Upper Tigris Waterkeeper

Mary Keith

Dave King
Natural Voice Network

Sue Palmer

Maryam Golubeva
The Final Art of paper cutting and acrylic engraving

Jo King

Andrew Purvin
The Fetch Theatre