2007 Storm in a Teacup, 2011 Red Riding Hood

Two shows for families in which Alison Duddle took the lead

/ September 1, 2018

2009 Deep Time Cabaret

An experimental and cabaret-type show developed for a small cast

/ September 1, 2018
Sisters, from Veil. Bob Frith, Horse + Bamboo

2008 Veil

An epic story set in the Middle East and London, that explored the hidden history of colonial legacies.

/ September 1, 2018

2000 The Girl Who Cut Flowers, 2002-4 Company of Angels, 2005/6 The Shadow of Trees, 2007-2010 Little Leap Forward

A series of touring shows during a period in which I was working very closely with Alison Duddle.

/ August 31, 2018

1999/2000 Harvest of Ghosts

An outdoor show written with Prof. Sam Ukala from Delta State University in Nigeria, inspired by the events surrounding the death of Ken Sara-Wiwa

/ August 31, 2018

1997/8 The Legend of the Creaking Floorboard

A story of two sisters, Gog and Magog, whose quiet domestic routine is upset by a visit from the Knifegrinder

/ August 31, 2018

1998 The Boo and Beyond the Boundary

In 1998 Horse + Bamboo took ownership of a new workshop, which enabled the company to open its own venue, The Boo.

/ August 31, 2018

1994-6 Visions of Hildegard

A show about Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, and a cautionary tale about cutting rehearsal time.

/ August 31, 2018

1994/5 Dance of White Darkness

The story of the American avant-garde film-maker Maya Deren, and her journey to Haiti in the 1940s to film voudon dance.

/ August 31, 2018

1994/6/7 Westminster Easter Events

In 1994 and 1996 I was invited to direct the Good Friday events at Westminster. A parade from Central Hall via the Cathedral to the Abbey, where we finished with a performance in the Abbey.

/ August 31, 2018

1992/3/7 A Strange (& Unexpected) Event!

omeone said to me in passing that all our shows were all very serious. Then they went on to say that they were edgy and sinister. I laughed at the idea; said that it wasn’t strictly true because even the...

/ August 31, 2018

1989 Plaited Path , 1990 The Wish , 1991 The Flood

Four shows that travelled throughout Britain and Ireland as horse-drawn touring began to hit its stride

/ August 30, 2018