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Bob Frith founded Horse + Bamboo Theatre in 1978. He now manages the Dave Pearson Studio and is active in support of Apna Rossendale.

Bob Frith - horse-drawn in Caithness

1979 – 2000 Horse-drawn touring

Why horse-drawn? The story of horse-drawn touring theatre at Horse + Bamboo.

/ August 27, 2018
Pictures from Brueghel. Chester. Bob Frith.

1979 Pictures from Brueghel and 1980 The Home-Made Circus

The first two Horse + Bamboo touring shows, which began a 22 year sequence of horse-drawn tours.

/ August 27, 2018
Ellen Strange Parade, Stacksteads 1978

1978 Ellen Strange

This is where it started, with a local story...

/ August 26, 2018
Needles in a Candleflame. Bob Frith

1983 Needles in a Candleflame

A show based loosely on the story 'On Discovery' from Maxine Hong Kingston's novel 'China Men'. It's the story of a shipwrecked sailor, who finds himself washed up on the shore of the Land of Women.

/ August 26, 2018